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Alwar Bagh

Alwar Bagh resort is equipped with 32- air-conditioned luxury rooms, clustered in Villas and Haveli, Multi cuisine restaurant, swimming pools located amidst lush green gardens offering a panoramic view of the natural surroundings, amusement park for children and a conference hall. Rajasthani folk dances and songs are organized every evening. The banqueting facilities are extended on a defined area for wedding functions, parties and picnics. Spa facilities include Body Therapies, Hand & Foot Care and Face Vitality & Body Polishes which bring a sense of well-being and relaxation.


Very soon Italy Destination will organize meetings in major cities of Indian subcontinent




On the concluding day of the convention, PP Khanna, President ADTOI and Convention Chairman said, “The convention is a success, we were expecting around 400 delegates, but have been impressed by over 500 registrations, including some of the local travel agents. Sessions were quite interactive, and people enjoyed the same. It’s very necessary to focus on what the different states are doing to promote domestic tourism. Subsidies the states are providing top private entrepreneurs, investment plans and success stories of PPP were deliberated upon in the sessions. Full halls themselves indicate the popularity of the sessions.


"Elaborating on trends in domestic tourism he said, “An important trend is to work with the state to promote domestic tourism in the state. For developing tourism, the requirement is of better infrastructure in the state, cleanliness, safety and security, availability of amenities, among others. Essentially education and  skill development is required in the states  to promote domestic tourism. State specialists programmes are also required so that the travel agents and tour operators can be imparted more knowledge about the destination and they become specialists to promote their states. Each and every state in India has so much to offer. Travel agent need to connect with their counter parts more, as knowledge excellence goes till the last point. Gujarati tour operators can fabricate the packages for pan India tour operators.

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