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Alwar Bagh

Alwar Bagh resort is equipped with 32- air-conditioned luxury rooms, clustered in Villas and Haveli, Multi cuisine restaurant, swimming pools located amidst lush green gardens offering a panoramic view of the natural surroundings, amusement park for children and a conference hall. Rajasthani folk dances and songs are organized every evening. The banqueting facilities are extended on a defined area for wedding functions, parties and picnics. Spa facilities include Body Therapies, Hand & Foot Care and Face Vitality & Body Polishes which bring a sense of well-being and relaxation.




Ministry of Tourism compiles monthly estimates of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) & FTAs on e-Tourist Visa on the basis of Nationality-wise, Port-wise data received from Bureau of Immigration (BOI).

The following are the important highlights regarding FTAs and FTAs on e-Tourist Visa from tourism during the month of August, 2017:

Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs):
·           The number of FTAs in August, 2017 were 7.24 lakh as compared to FTAs of 6.52 lakh in August, 2016 and 5.99 lakh in August, 2015.

·           The growth rate in FTAs in August, 2017 over August, 2016 is 11.0% compared to 8.8% in August, 2016 over August, 2015.

·           FTAs during the period January- August 2017 were 63.98 lakh with a growth of 15.2% over same period of previous year, as compared to the FTAs of 55.54 lakh with a growth of 9.5% in January- August 2016 over January- August 2015.

·           The percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during August 2017 among the top 15 source countries was highest from Bangladesh (21.26%) followed by USA (11.60%), UK (9.46%), Sri Lanka (6.41%), Malaysia (3.71%), Japan (2.74%),  Canada (2.57%), France (2.46%), Germany (2.39%), Australia (2.37%), Nepal (2.11%), Singapore (1.96%), China (1.94%), Oman (1.76%) and UAE (1.57%).

·           The percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India during August 2017 among the top 15 ports was highest at Delhi Airport (26.99%) followed by Mumbai Airport (15.49%), Haridaspur Land Check Post (12.06%), Chennai Airport (9.37%), Bengaluru Airport (6.36%), Cochin Airport (5.01%), Kolkata Airport (4.42),Hyderabad Airport (3.50%), Gede Rail Land Check Post (2.74%), Tiruchirapalli Airport (1.94%),Trivandrum Airport (1.67%), Ghojadanga Land Check Post (1.46%), Ahmadabad Airport (1.36%), Sonauli Land Check post (1.35%) and Amritsar Airport  (0.89%).
Foreign Tourist Arrivals  (FTAs) on e-Tourist Visa:

·           During the month of August, 2017 total of 1.13 lakh tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 0.66 lakh during the month of August 2016 registering a growth of 71.3%.


·           During January-August 2017, a total of 9.49 lakh tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 6.06 lakh during January-August 2016, registering a growth of 56.5%.

·           The percentage shares of top 15 source countries availing e- Tourist Visa facilities during  August, 2017 were as follows:

       UK (12.6%), USA (9.6%), UAE (6.7%), Spain (6.3%), France (5.9%), Oman (5.6%), Italy (4.9%), China (4.1%), Germany (4.0%), Australia (3.4%), Canada (3.3%),  Korea (Rep.of) (3.1%), Singapore (2.9%), Israel (2.3%) and Malaysia (2.0%).

·           The percentage shares of top 15 ports in tourist arrivals on e-Tourist Visa during August, 2017 were as follows:

       New Delhi Airport (44.1%), Mumbai Airport (19.5%), Chennai Airport (8.9%),  Kochi Airport (7.2%), Bengaluru Airport (7.0%), Hyderabad Airport (3.8%), Kolkata Airport (1.9%), Trivandrum Airport (1.5%), Amritsar Airport (1.4%), Tirchy Airport (1.2%),  Calicut Airport (1.0%), Ahmadabad Airport (0.9%), Dabolim (Goa) Airport (0.4%), Jaipur Airport (0.4%) and Pune Airport(0.3%).


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